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Home Education: About this site

Otherwise-Engaged is run by a family in Shropshire involved in home education since 2002. We first considered home education after our village school in Shropshire was closed. We were, and still are, convinced that children are best educated in smaller groups, that large classes of children all the same age are positively unhealthy, and that children learn best if they are engaged and interested. This means doing things they are interested in (at least for much of the time) rather than having to do something because it is on the curriculum. Group working and social interaction is of course important and many home educators organise gatherings and group activities for that purpose.

We found ourselves co-ordinating dozens of home education events a year using resources from the greater West Midlands area that require booking sometimes twleve months in advance, manaiging this by phone and email had become very time consuming, and so the idea for this site was born.

For the protection of the children, and to prevent misuse of the resources in this site, access is restricted to registered users. If you are currently active in home education please register to request access. If you are new to home education, or considering it as an option, we know what difficult decisions you must be facing. Please use the contact page, let us have an e-mail address and we will get back in touch.

Of necessity use of this site and attendance at events is subject to some basic terms and conditions .

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