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Education in the news
Education news stories (mostly from the BBC) that have caught our eye and which might be of interest to in the context of home education. The appearance of a link here does not imply that Otherwise Engaged endorses the views expressed.
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  Link   Challenge to one-size education
Mainstream education has much to learn from alternative independent schools, a leading head teacher has said. Martin Stephen, High Master of St Paul's School in west London, said the education system too often followed a "one-size fits all" model.
  Link   Truancy jailing every two weeks
A parent is jailed for their child's truancy once a fortnight every school term in England and Wales, analysis of court statistics shows.
  Link   Does home education need regulating?
Times article puts both sides of the argument.
  Link   Children are best educated at home
Times article by a home educator
  Link   State schools shunned for home education
Guardian report on studies that show parents are increasingly seeking alternative forms of education such as home schooling or Steiner schools to free their children from the state sector's regime of testing and targets.
  Link   UK Home-School Cases Soar
A massive rise in home schooling. A freedom of information request uncovers evidence that more and more parents are giving up on state education.
  Link   New Children's Plan
The Children's Plan, a 1bn 10-year strategy for education and welfare, has been unveiled by the government. It includes changes to primary school testing that could see the end of the current Sats tests in England by 2009.
  Link   Primary Curriculum to be reviewed
A "root-and-branch" review is planned into what is taught in English primary schools to allow more time for reading, writing and maths, Ed Balls has said.
  Link   Engalnds pupils feel less safe
Children in England feel less safe at school than other comparable countries, says an international survey. There was also a higher expectation among pupils in England that pupils would be injured by a classmate.
  Link   Review urged for pre-school plans
Campaigners are urging the government to re-think plans to teach pre-school children in England to read and write. A distinguished lobby of academics claims formal lessons could "harm" children at such a young age.
  Link   UK Children "reading too early"
Children are too young to learn to read when they first start school in the UK, an academic claims.
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